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At MS Fire Safe, our values form the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence and safety. Integrity is our guiding principle—we operate with transparency, honesty, and reliability in every interaction. Precision defines our approach, as we conduct thorough and meticulous fire risk assessments, leaving no detail overlooked. Dedication to safety is non-negotiable, and we strive to exceed compliance standards to ensure the well-being of our clients. At MS Fire Safe, we embrace innovation, constantly adapting to the latest standards to provide cutting-edge fire safety solutions. Choose MS Fire Safe for a partnership built on integrity, precision, safety, and innovation.


Fire Risk Assessments

We conduct comprehensive fire risk assessments, meticulously examining your premises to pinpoint potential fire hazards. Our assessors, all esteemed members of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, offer expert recommendations to effectively minimise risks.

Fire Safety Training

Our fire safety training programs are designed to educate your staff on fire prevention techniques, evacuation procedures, and the correct use of fire safety equipment.


We specialise in servicing portable fire-fighting appliances and emergency lighting, ensuring they are in optimal condition to safeguard your premises in accordance with the relevant British Standards.

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MS Fire Safe is driven by a dedication to elevate fire safety standards. Our experienced team, with years of collective expertise, is committed to providing top-notch fire safety solutions for residential and commercial clients. As your steadfast partner, we contribute to creating safer environments. Place your trust in our years-long journey, where meticulous assessments and a genuine passion for fire safety excellence define our commitment. We proudly hold membership in the IFSM (Institute of Fire Safety Managers).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fire risk assessment?

Under the Fire Safety Order 2005, any person who has a level of control in a workplace has to take reasonable steps to reduce fire risks. A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement that involves a comprehensive evaluation of potential fire hazards, their likelihood, and the impact they may have on a given environment. This systematic process is mandated by law to ensure the safety of occupants and property, providing a foundation for effective fire prevention and emergency planning.

Why is fire safety training important?

Fire safety training is crucial as it equips your staff with the knowledge and skills needed to prevent fires, respond effectively in case of an emergency, and minimise the risk of injuries or fatalities.

Do you provide ongoing support after completing a project?

Yes, we offer ongoing support to our clients to ensure that their fire safety measures are regularly reviewed and updated as per any changes in regulations or their business operations.

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MS Fire Safe
Maidstone, England, United Kingdom

Why Choose Us?


Situated in Maidstone, our services extend across Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, London, and Kent, specialising in thorough fire risk assessments. While our focus areas are widespread, we also typically provide our services nationwide. Each day, we conduct comprehensive fire risk assessment for our clients on a variety of properties and companies. Our Certified Fire Risk Assessors are fully qualified, insured, and registered with the Institute of Fire Safety Managers and on their fire risk assessor register (CFRAR).

The types of premises that we assess include:

  • Commercial premises. Single and multiple-storey offices, retail shops, companies with workshops, industrial units;
  • Residential premises. Single and multi-level houses, HMO (house in multiple occupation) properties, blocks of flats, and holiday lets.

The provided list is a general compilation, and we can accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences.


All of these must be carried out by a competent person. Our assessors can typically conduct your fire risk assessment the same day or the following working day that you book our service.


Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to ensuring your safety through meticulous assessments. We offer transparent pricing. However, the cost will ultimately depend on the type and size of property you wish us to assess. At MS Fire Safe, we prioritise thoroughness, transparency, and affordability. Choose us for a comprehensive and reliable fire safety service, and let's work together to enhance your safety measures.